iQ®200 Series Urine

Urine Microscopy Workcells

“Stress for both our staff and budget eased with the elimination of overtime demands.”

– Altig K. Improving Productivity in Urinalysis through Automation. Southwest Washington Medical Center, Vancouver, Washington. 2008.

High-Volume Automation

The workhorse of our walk-away urine microscopy systems, iQ® SPRINT performs up to 101 comprehensive urine microscopic analyses every hour.

Mid-Volume Automation

Designed for the mid-volume laboratory environment, the iQ® ELITE is capable of automating up to 70 urine microscopic analyses per hour.

Low-Volume Automation

Lower volume laboratories struggle will workflow and productivity as much as their higher volume counterparts. Our iQ® SELECT lessens the labor burden by automating up to 40 urine microscopic analyses each hour.

Upgrade to Expert
All iQ® workcells can be upgraded with iWARE Expert software for customized results validation and seamless interaction with urine culture workflow.

“iWARE improved productivity nearly 80 percent when compared to previous workflow software.”

– Scott G, Miller BD. Case Study: IRIS iWARE Expert System Software. Memorial Hermann Hospital. Texas Medical Center, Houston, Texas.

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